Employment Testing Philadelphia

Employment Testing in Philadelphia

Do you sit at work, envious of your friends’ jobs - just longing for the clock to strike 5pm? Do you get bored with the tasks you are completing? Do feel as if you life is wasting away?

Or do you not have any idea what you want to do? There are so many doors open, but you can’t figure out which direction to go. You may have so many interests - that none of them seem to fit into the job you want.

Maybe you are looking for a new job and aren’t sure if you should change jobs at this point in life.

At Thriveworks Philadelphia Counseling and Life Coaching, we not only offer employment testing, we offer counseling that can help you make those big decisions in your life.

Choosing a job is a difficult decision - and more so - choosing the right job is such a tough economy is even more difficult, especially in Philadelphia.

If you need direction and advice, call Thriveworks Philadelphia for employment testing. Not only can we help you discover yourself, we can walk with you through those decisions. You will not be alone.

Thriveworks’ Philadelphia Counselors can help you with your career choice. If you have any hesitation about what you should do, give our counselors a call day.

We look forward to talking with you! Call us at 215-399-9764