Mission and Vision

Vision Statement

Thrive Boston is the most sought after counseling therapy and professional life coaching service in the United States and the most respected and identifiable life improvement brand. 


Mission Statement 


To produce, through out network of counseling professionals, dramatic improvement in persons’ mental health, happiness, relationships and life success such that clients passionately tell others about our services.


Concerning our Fiscal Responsibility:


Thrive Boston considers the creation of shareholder value through maintaining profitable and sensible growth while maintaining positive cash-flow. In this way, we ensure stability for the organization as well as security, growth and opportunity for our team.


Concerning Our Valued Clients:


Without our clients we do not exist. It is our belief that clients are to be treated with meticulous and sensitive care, and with unfaltering respect. We will give client’s proper attention and help each client as if they were our only client.


The quality of the relationships we form with clients, coupled with the benefit clients experience, determine our long-term success. We continue to develop new skills, techniques, and processes to improve our offerings. We develop and incorporate innovative services so that the value we deliver to our clients continues to grow. 


Concerning Our Valued People:


Thrive Boston, at its core, is its team of people. We value our entire team, both care providers and administration, immensely. We trust our team of people, invest in developing our people, and promote our people based on performance and measurable outcomes. Most importantly, we strive to involve persons who work for Thrive Boston in decisions that affect them. 


We hire the best individuals we can find and then help them to exceed their own expectations. 


We work to engender great loyalty in the team members of Thrive Boston and hope that we are successful in developing and maintaining their loyalty to the point that they elect to stay employed with us for life. 


We endeavor to keep the profit motive in harmony with the needs of our people and, whenever possible, to err in favor of human considerations rather than monetary ones. 


In keeping with our philosophy that Thrive Boston is its team of people, we acknowledge that managing and caring for our people well is a difficult discipline to master. More often than not, persons quit managers, not companies, so developing great managers is central to our goal of having Thrive Boston be a "great place to work."


We work to develop a genuine sense of community, camaraderie, curiosity, and fun in the workplace. We strive to create a work environment that is so interesting, stimulating, challenging, encouraging, and just so good that the entire staff wants to come to work. We try to cultivate an environment of uniqueness, oneness, and openness. We try to cultivate an environment where the absence of a single team member is recognized.