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What Is Anxiety?

Anxiety is a persistant fearful state that is usually accompanied by a feeling of unrest, dread, or worry in which a person may, or may not, be aware of what the source. Anxiety symptoms vary from person to person, but commonly include some of the following:

Being Unable To Relax 
Tense Feelings (Both Mental and Physical)
The Anticipation that there is Trouble Coming

The Constant Feeling of being Wary

Rapid Heartbeat (Known as Tachycardia) 

Shallow Breathing

Dry mouth (AKA Cotton Mouth)

Increased Blood Pressure

Jumpiness or Feeling Faint

Excessive Sweating


Anxiety can be increased by a number of personal factors:
  • Physical well being (lack of sleep, lack of exercise, blood sugar imbalance)
  • External situations (viewing the nightly news, fast paced lifestyle)
  • Learned behavior (parents or others who were highly anxious)
  • Trauma (current situations that may be similar to experiences of the past that caused great pain)


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