Philadelphia Child Therapy

Child Therapy

Philadelphia Child Therapy

Being a child is hard. They face circumstances that they cannot control. They live through things that they will remember forever, and they are shaped by their surroundings.

Children are extremely moldable, but children are also extremely willing to talk about the issues bothering them. They may not sit down on the couch and say, “Let me tell you about my issues, Mother or Father.” But they do tell you what is bothering them; it just may be in a more discreet way.

They may avoid certain activities, they may behave a certain way, or they may say certain things. Each child has a different way of expressing themselves.

Thriveworks Philadelphia offers child therapy for children of all ages with all struggles. Our counselors are trained to understand children. We don’t “work” with children - children don’t like work :) We understand and can help them.

Thriveworks Philadelphia offers child therapy so that children can feel free to be themselves. Every child is special and unique - we understand that.

If your child has struggles or if they could benefit from seeing a therapist, contact Thriveworks Philadelphia today. We can help.

Call us now at 215-399-9764 to get started. Even if its 1 am - no call is too late or too early. We know that sometimes your greatest needs happen out of the realm of 8-5. That’s why we are able to answer your call 24/7.