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My name is Dr. Anthony Centore, Founder and Therapist for Thrive Philadelphia Christian Counseling. This is what I want to you know:

No matter what your circumstances, no matter how bad your life may seem, and no matter what has happened in your past, you can still have an incredibly fulfilling life.

I don't know exactly what you are going through right now, but many people today are struggling with problems such as:

·         Addiction

·         Anxiety

·         Career

·         Dependency

·         Depression

·         Eating Disorders

·         Guilt/Shame

·         Loneliness/Isolation 

·         Marital Problems

·         Meaning of Life 

·         Relationships

·         Sex

·         Spirituality/Faith

·         Stress/Burnout

·         Trauma/Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

·         Worries/Fears

Many Christians are often ashamed to admit that they have these problems. They may be guilty because they believe they are disobeying the Bible’s instruction to always be joyful. They may feel guilty because they believe that their faith is weak. They may even think that these problems are God’s righteous punishment for their sins.

Do you remember the Biblical story of Job? His "counselors" were convinced that Job had committed some terrible sin which brought about a chain of calamities. As the Bible will tell you, they could not have been more mistaken. If you have been made to feel guilty for being stressed or depressed, you are probably being given advice by a well-intentioned but misinformed confidant. 

So many people refuse to admit they need help. They allow their frustrations to build up. Many times, their problems become so severe that they are pushed to do desperate things, such as suicide. 

Many people suffer in silence for years, even though help is just an email or phone call away.


"I want Christian counseling help. Where can I find it?"

How do you find help when you feel you’ve hit rock bottom? 

How do you heal when your pain has become unbearable?

How do you experience God’s healing grace once again?

This is where Thrive Philadelphia Christian Counseling can help you.

But perhaps you aren’t desperate yet. Perhaps you are still relatively happy and at peace with yourself and with God. So ask yourself:

Do you really want to get to the point where depression, anxiety, self-hate and loneliness have taken over your life?

God certainly doesn’t want that for you.

Therapy is not just for people who are trying to survive. It is also for people who want to Thrive. Counseling can help you forge a much stronger relationship with God and, by extension, all the important people in your life.

From this point on, you do not have to struggle alone. I, Dr. Anthony Centore, or one of the other expert Thrive Philadelphia Christian Therapists, will support you in your journey towards a more spiritually fulfilling and emotionally satisfying life.

I want to congratulate you for taking the first step to finding counseling. If you are reading this, you are SO CLOSE to making incredible changes happen in your life. Maybe it has taken you months to get this far. Maybe it has taken years. It will become less difficult from this point onwards.

Why Is the Thrive Philadelphia Christian Counseling Experience Better?

1)   We put your needs first.

From the very first time you call us until the last time you visit our office, you will always receive the respectful, personalized and open-minded care you deserve.


2) At Thrive, you are a person, not a disorder.
Unlike other counseling practices, we do not see you as just a collection of symptoms. Neither do we see you as just another opportunity to make money. To us, you are, first and foremost, a human being.



3)   We don’t just treat the problem. We also promote your emotional health.


We do not just “fix” our clients’ problems. We also help them grow. Our goal is to help you improve your quality of life in lasting ways. Take these problems, for example:

·         Depression. Our clients do not simply stop feeling pain and hopelessness. They also experience happiness.

·         Anxiety.  Our clients are not simply calmed down. They also achieve peace of mind.

·         Addiction. Our clients do not simply become sober. They also become whole.

·         Guilt and shame. Our clients do not simply learn to forgive themselves. They also learn how to forgive others.

·         Relationship problems. Our clients learn how to successfully build healthy relationships with others.


4)   We integrate your faith into your therapy.

Research has proven that a strong Christian faith helps many believers face the challenges of life. It has also been scientifically proven that people of faith live longer and happier lives. This is why we believe that incorporating Christian beliefs in our therapy sessions is beneficial to our Christian clients.


5)   We have a proven track record.

Each year, we help hundreds of Americans who are seeking a faith-based approach to solving their problems. Many of our clients come from the following religious groups:

·         Cambridgeport Baptist Church

·         Emmanuel Church

·         Grace Fellowship Church

·         Park Street Church

·         The Boston Vineyard

·         The Cambridge Vineyard

·         Tremont Street Church

·         Trinity Church


5)   We only hire the best therapists

Thrive Philadelphia Therapy only hires counseling and psychotherapy professionals who continually distinguish themselves in their chosen fields. Our counselors:

·         Have earned doctoral (Ph.D) level degrees

·         Have been published in national periodicals such as the Journal of Mental Health Counseling and CCT Magazine

·         Hold additional certifications and specializations

·         Are continually improving their abilities, skills and expertise

In addition, Thrive Philadelphia Christian Counselors:

·         Have been accredited as Board Certified Professional Christian Counselors by the International Board of Christian Counselors

·         Have contributed substantially to the books Caring for People God’s Way and The Role of Religion in Marriage and Family Counseling

·         Have written for periodicals such as Christian Counseling Today, The Christian Counseling Connection

·         Are active members of the American Association of Christian Counselors

This ensures that our Christian counseling is always Christ-centered and Biblically sound.

No Waiting Lists: Your First Christian Counseling Appointment Is Today 

I want to find you the care you need. That’s why Thrive Philadelphia Therapy makes an offer that no other counseling practice can:

Call us today, and we will schedule your first therapy appointment this week, or even today.

This is the way I see it: you worked up the motivation and courage to begin counseling. The least I can do is help you book that first therapy session as soon as possible.

You've made it this far. You’ve shown a good deal of interest in changing your life for the better. Let me walk with you from this point, until you are where you want to be. Until you have achieved your goals.


Your days of feeling ashamed and alone can end today. Call us.

Call  215-399-9764 today to schedule your appointment.  If you feel more comfortable emailing us, you can reach us at Leave your contact details and we will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Christ came to give life, but not just life - abundant life.  That abundant life is yours for the asking.  Let's get started on helping you find it.


Dr. Anthony Centore
and the Thrive Philadelphia Christian Counseling Team