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No matter what your situation is, how desperate things are, or what has happened in your past, you can start living a better life today. That might seem unbelievable right now, but stay with us. Below, we'll explain how you can start leading a healthier and happier life.

We may not know exactly what you are going through right now, but it's a fact that many people today struggle with one or more of these common life problems:

        1) Depression 

It's important to know the difference between depression and sadness. Sadness is a temporary emotion that disappears after a few hours or days. Depression, in contrast, is a long-lasting state of mind that steals life away from the people who suffer from it. It's also a constant drain on the wellbeing of one's family and friends. 

Depression manifests itself through a variety of symptoms, and it can even go unnoticed. Depressed people may constantly feel worthless, tired, guilty, indecisive or agitated. They may have lost interest in activities they used to enjoy. There may be sudden changes in their weight, sleeping patterns and energy levels. They may be unable to concentrate or react to events appropriately.

2) Anxiety 

True anxiety is a state of unrelenting fear, unrest, dread or worry. Anxiety has a number of possible causes. It may be rooted in serious accidents people have experienced or upsetting news they have heard. It may also have physical causes, such as chronic sleep deprivation. It may also be a trait learned from highly nervous parents or peers. Finally, anxiety can stem from one's environment, such as a stressful job or home life. Anxious people find it hard to relax because they are constantly worried about the possibility that disaster may strike at any moment.

3) Low self-esteem

Self-esteem, also known as self-image or self-worth, is defined as a healthy and realistic perception of oneself. Good self-esteem helps people withstand personal attacks and destructive criticism. However, a person with good self-esteem is not arrogant or overly confident.

If someone were to tell you that you're not valuable or significant, would you believe them? If the answer is "yes," you might be suffering from low self-esteem. More often than not, persons with low self-esteem have experienced a great deal of destructive criticism and negative reinforcement (this is sometimes also known as emotional abuse).

These people dislike themselves because they believe they are not good enough. They feel they do not deserve love, respect, attention or trust. People with low self-esteem are plagued by the conviction that they are useless, ugly, clumsy, boring and/or powerless. 

4) Relationship problems and loneliness

Anger, jealousy, infidelity, and dependency are just some of the reasons that many people divorce. However, these causes can all be boiled down to just one root cause, and that is the failure to communicate properly. Although breakthroughs in communication have enabled us to stay connected 24/7, people feel more isolated today than ever before. 

More and more people feel trapped by loneliness, even though they may live in a mega city such as Philadelphia. The problem only gets worse for people who are separated from their support systems because they work long hours or have moved far away.

These very common struggles can have serious, even tragic consequences. So many of us waste our time and potential by hiding these problems from our family, from our friends, and even from ourselves. But the real tragedy is that so many people suffer for years without asking for help, when help is just a phone call away. Get help at Thriveworks Philadelphia today.

Do I Need Counseling? 

"I don't feel bad all the time, but I'd like to feel better..." Counseling is not just for people who are trying to survive. It is also for people who want to thrive.

From this point on, you do not have to struggle alone. One of our fully-licensed, excellent Thriveworks Philadelphia Counselors, will walk with you on your journey to greater happiness.

As cliche as it sounds, we want to congratulate you for taking the first step to getting counseling. If you're reading this, you are so close to making positive changes in your life. Maybe it has taken you months to get this far—maybe even years. Now, the next step only takes one phone call. Remember: Thriveworks Philadelphia helps clients struggling with a variety of life issues, including...

The Thriveworks Philadelphia Counseling Experience

1) Our client-centered approach.

Thriveworks Philadelphia puts your needs first. From the first time you call us (215-399-9764) until your last session with your therapist, you will always receive premium care.

Our clients tell us that the best thing about Thriveworks is “the strong therapeutic relationship that forms between the counselor and client.” This is made possible by the person-centered approach that Thriveworks Philadelphia counselors take to psychotherapy. According to our person-centered approach, "As people, we are always growing and changing. You are the one who is ultimately in control of your life."

Thriveworks Philadelphia counselors focus the therapy process on the client’s strengths. We find that, when clients focus on their assets and abilities, they quickly gain a sense of empowerment and freedom, which helps them to improve their lives more quickly. Thriveworks Philadelphia therapists help clients discover:

  • How their thoughts effect their emotions,
  • How their emotions affect their behaviors,
  • How their behaviors effect their environment, and
  • How their environment can affect their thoughts.

Finally, a Thriveworks Philadelphia therapist can help you comprehend exactly how your past experiences are affecting your present moods, expectations, goals, and relationships. Every year, Thriveworks helps individuals, couples, and families become healthier and happier. We do this through face-to-face contact, telephone counseling, and online counseling. 

2) Our unique counseling philosophy.

At Thriveworks Philadelphia, counseling is a sincere, empowering experience. We see therapy as both an art and a science. We help our clients heal their emotional wounds so that they can live rich, meaningful, successful lives.

3) Our highly qualified staff.

Apart from having a holistic philosophy, Thriveworks Philadelphia Therapy only hires counseling and psychotherapy professionals who continually distinguish themselves in their chosen fields. They have impressive skills, training, and experience.

We want you to receive the care you need. Call us today at (215) 399-9764 to schedule a counseling, therapy, or coaching appointment.