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Finding The Right Therapist or Life Coach, with the Right Experience, in Philadelphia, PA

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Thrive Philadelphia Therapy connects clients with licensed mental health professionals (psychologists, psychiatrists, licensed counselors, life coaches, or clinical social workers) in Philadelphia, PA:

  • Have clinical and educational experience specific to the needs of the client
  • Are able to work at a reasonable fee, or who accept insurance
  • All Thrive Philadelphia Counselors abide by the Thrive Quality Code, which is a new precedent for client care

Thrive Counseling Quality Code

1. Clients are always treated with respect and sensitive care

2. All new clients are offered an appointment time within 5 business days

3. The counseling office site is professional, clean, and private

4. Counseling empowers the client to live a more satisfying, fulfilling life

5. Counselors maintain strict confidentiality, and professional boundaries

6. Counselors are reachable between sessions, to cancel or change session times

7. Clients are never pressured or coerced to continue counseling

8. Counselors maintain professional liability insurance, and professional licensure

9. Counselors adhere to applicable professional ethical codes

10. Counselors must maintain positive client feedback

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