Philadelphia Psychological Testing

Philadelphia Psychological Testing and Assessment 

Thriveworks Philadelphia Counseling offers psychological testing and neuropsychological assessment to a variety of clients. Sometimes psychological testing is used as an adjunct to counseling therapy. In other instances, psychological testing or neuropsychological assessment are an autonomous, separate, professional psychological service.

What Is Psychological Testing?

A battery of psychological testing tools are administered by a qualified licensed psychologist to assess a person's current functioning in several areas, including cognitive abilities and skills, psychomotor skills, emotional issues, and functional limitations. In most cases, a written report is written by the psychologist that summarizes the findings of the testing. Testing reports are usually requested by other mental health or medical professionals. Occasionally, a school district or school principal or counselor will request psychological testing.

How Long Does Psychological Testing Take?

Most psychological testing requires at least 4 and as many as 8 hours and is quite rigorous. Sufficient time needs to be scheduled in advance to ensure that the testing can be completed in a thorough and professional manner.

Is There Insurance Coverage for Psychological Testing?

Testing will commence only after authorization has been received from the client's insurance company. Authorizations are extremely important and clients will be fully informed of any issues that arise in the course of obtaining authorizations.

Will I Understand the Results of My Psychological Testing?

In most cases the psychologist involved in the testing process will meet with the client after the testing has been completed and the results analyzed in order to give the client feedback and help her/him to understand what the results mean and how they can be best put to use. If clients are being treated by Thriveworks clinicians, the results will be forwarded to the clinicians to help them plan appropriate treatment strategies. If external mental health or medical professionals, or school district personnel or others have requested the testing Thriveworks will cooperate to make the results available provided the client has signed an appropriate release of information.

There are hundreds, even thousands, of psychological tests and measurement tools available. This webpage can provide a some information on a few psychological assessment tools, but will not be able to convey an exhaustive list of assessments we provide.

What Psychological Assessments Does Thriveworks Offer?

Thriveworks Philadelphia Counseling Therapy offers psychological testing and assessment for every major area of interest, including the following: 

1. Accommodation for Standardized Tests
  • SAT accommodations
  • ACT accommodations
  • LSAT accommodations
  • GRE accommodations
  • MCAT accommodations
  • GMAT accommodation
2. ADHD Testing and Assessment
3. Neuropsychological Assessment
4. Educational Testing
5. Learning disabilities assessment / testing
6. Wais IQ test assessments
7. Career assessment and testing (for use with career counseling)
8. Projective Testing
9. Rorschach Test 
10. Thematic Apprehension Test (TAT)

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