Philadelphia Couples Therapy

The beginning of a relationship is always so wonderful. Both of you are full of butterflies, hopes, and dreams and you just can’t stand being apart for a moment. Then, the honeymoon stage ends and reality sets in—you have conflicts, you don’t want to spend every second together, you start wondering if this was all one big mistake.

Every relationship has ups and downs, and riding those waves is what makes your bond stronger. Sometimes, however, extra guidance is necessary to weather some big storms you face. For example, your partner may have trouble with honesty, one of you may be grieving the loss of a loved one, or you have different visions for the future. Whatever it may be, the couples therapists at Thriveworks Philadelphia can offer help and guidance that will enable you to strengthen your relationship. Call us at (215) 399-9764 to schedule an appointment.

How Can Therapy Help Us Improve Our Relationship?

We all make mistakes, and sometimes we hurt the people we love the most. You and your partner may have made mistakes that you think have damaged your relationship permanently, but we want you to know that going to therapy together may surprise you. You'll learn things about your relationship (and about yourselves individually) that will help you work through the challenges at hand. 

Our therapists can teach you a number of valuable skills, including:

  • How to recover from cheating     
  • How to re-establish trust     
  • Building solid communication skills     
  • How to manage your schedules/make time for each other     
  • How to manage anger, stress, and other emotions

These are skills you’ll have for the rest of your life, long after your time of therapy ends.

Schedule an Appointment at Thriveworks Philadelphia

If you think that you and your partner could benefit from working with a couples therapist, reach out to Thriveworks Philadelphia today. You can reach us at (215) 399-9764 and one of our scheduling specialists will help you to set up an appointment right away.

Don’t give up on each other yet. Let us help you put the pieces back together. You might just be surprised at how resilient your relationship is and how deep your love truly goes.