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I'm Dr. Anthony Centore, of Thriveworks. I want you to know one thing about your marriage: No matter what has happened in your marriage, if you and your spouse want to save your relationship, your marriage can heal.

Healing may seem impossible to you right now. Perhaps you know the sobering stats: Almost 50% of marriages in America today end in divorce, and that’s only counting the legal divorces. There are untold numbers of marriages that end up in a state of "emotional divorce."

Marriages today face an enormous number of problems and challenges: 

·         Adultery / Affairs

·         Money Problems

·         Caring for Aging Parents

·         Stress and Worry

·        Raising Strong Willed Kids

·         Lack of communication

·         Lack of time

So many marriages suffer for years without getting help.

The good news is this - it doesn't need to be this way, not for your marriage. Marital problems can be solved much faster and with much less pain through counseling.

Thriveworks Philadelphia: The #1 Marriage Counseling

Practice in Philadelphia 

At Thriveworks, we specialize in couples counseling. In fact, nearly half of our sessions are with couples. We know hat we can help you to make positive changes in your relationship and life. 

Why do so many married couples trust Thriveworks Philadelphia?

1)  We get results

This is the #1 complaint we hear from new clients:

"My last counselor listened, but he/she didn't really have anything to say to help me."

In other words, they didn’t get genuine and lasting results. Their previous counselors may have had good intentions, but that doesn’t do very much for a marriage in crisis.

You spend more than money on therapy. You also invest a lot of your time. For those investments, you want a marriage therapist who will help you achieve a breakthrough with your spouse.

We can help you understand your spouse like never before. We can help you break bad habits and replace them with good ones. We can help you defuse confrontations and communicate more intimately and effectively with your spouse. In other words, we can help you become much more satisfied with your marriage. 

2)  We put you first

You can schedule your first appointment with us this week. There are no waiting lists at Thriveworks Philadelphia. Call (617) 395-5806 to find out more.

From your first phone call until the last time you arrive at our office, you and your spouse will always receive the respectful, sensitive and expert care you both deserve. 

3)  We hire the best  counselors


There is a certain saying about doctors that you should keep in mind:


Half of all doctors graduated in the bottom half of their class.  --Anonymous


Thriveworks has a rigorous hiring process for our staff. Our counselors are rigorously screened before they are hired. They have a proven track record of delivering successful services. In addition, they:

    • Have been published in national periodicals, such as The Journal of Mental Health Counseling, Counseling Today Magazine, The Boston Globe, The Atlanta-Journal Constitution, ABC News, and more.
    • Hold additional certifications and specializations.
    • Are continually improving their abilities, skills and expertise.

No Waiting Lists:

Your First Marriage Counseling Appointment Can Be This Week 

Some Philadelphia therapy centers place new clients on waiting lists that are weeks or even months long. Most people think a long waiting list is a sign of an excellent therapist when in fact, it is a sign of a mismanaged counseling practice.

We want you and your partner to have the skills you need to improve your marriage today, not weeks or months from now. That’s why we won’t put you on a waiting list. In fact, we can schedule you an appointment within 24 hours of your call to our office. This is something no other counseling practice in Philadelphia can offer.

A New Beginning is a Phone Call Away.

Call us at (215) 399-9764 today, and let's begin the healing work now.

You don’t have to be trapped in a destructive marriage, and you don't have to wait for your marriage to hit a breaking point.

We at Thriveworks Philadelphia want you and your spouse to find the attention, information and support you both deserve.